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        LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "ENERGOTRADE Group" specializes in energy audits of commercial, residential, administrative and industrial facilities.

        Energy audit – it’s a survey and study of objects in order to improve the efficiency of fuel and energy resources consumption.

        Our company conducts the following energy audits:

  • Express audit - an energy audit that determine potential of energy saving of objects and determine the need for a comprehensive energy audit, or energy audit of separate grids (or part of it);
  • Energy audits of individual energy systems - inspection of single system supply and energy consumption. Such audits can save money on realization a comprehensive audit and time for work;
  • Comprehensive energy audit - inspection of the whole object, across all divisions and all energy resources.

     The result of energy audit is a report of Analysis energy efficiency of the object, a set of recommendations on possible energy saving measures that will have economic justification, and calculation the payback period, provide advice on the establishment or improvement of energy management department, and creating energy passport of the facility.